We are Beer of the New Age 

Heroes and Villains are an award winning independent brewery in Osborne Park. We make beer that is interesting and approachable. Sometimes we break the rules.


We live by the ethos of community and collaboration. Every endeavour uses the creativity, skills, and resources of members, from the music to the artwork, beer design and production.


Don't wait for life to pass you by. Live like Heroes and Villains!

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Easy Drinking. 



Single Batch. 




Heroes and Villains started as a dream in 2016 with a desire to create beer that is a flavoursome, approachable and interesting.


With the support and investment of friends and family, Heroes and Villains released our first beer in February 2018 called BOTNA (Beer of the New Age). This fresh take on a New World Pale Ale was well received by punters and judges alike.


What started as “peppercorn rent” for 40sqm to shouse a 200L system quickly turned to a 100sqm brewery with a 10hL brewhouse and 6,000L of fermentation. The Oakover CEO was heard to say to Shannon, “Either you just grew some big ones, or you dream has a life of its own…” 2 weeks later the lease was signed.


In a larger premises and growing quickly, our beers continue to grow and develop, with our Villains pushing boundaries and delivering incredible flavour experiences.