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This is beer for the New Age, for the developing palette of modern drinkers. 

We design beer that celebrates life.


Our Heroes celebrate the fullness of life! They are always there. Easy drinking and flavoursome.

We could all use a hero from time to time.



Citrus IPA

6.5% ABV

We found the most citrus hops we could find and blended them to deliver a citrus punch that is refreshing, balanced with a solid malt backbone to hold up to the power!

Dark Hearts

Brown Ale

4.6% ABV

This beauty is laced with honey and dry hopped with enough resinous hops to clog a pipe. 

Dark, mineral and hoppy. A mind blowing blend.


Fresh Ale

4.0% ABV

This beer celebrates the best of Saigon, combing a blend of crisp pale ale with honey, lemongrass and ginger. Unique and delicate.

spring/summer release only


Limited release beers designed to capture a moment, test a concept or just have a laugh. 


They will  steal your innocence and leave you craving more.

Dark Moment Baltic Porter
Let them eat cake! - medium

Gordon Road

These are easy drinking beers made to be enjoyed with your mates. Nothing complicated, just great, easy beer.


Draught Beer

Easy Drinker

4.5% ABV

You deserve a beer. Nothing fruity. Nothing floral. Just a straight up beer.

Enjoy it with your mates.

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

4.8% ABV

We created a ginger beer with a hint of spice. Fresh, sharp and sweet.

Enjoy it with your mates.

Ultra Low

Endurance Pale Ale

0.8% ABV

Stay the distance with our citrus ultra low ABV pale ale.

Enjoy it with your mates.